What is happening in our schools today? Ever since we have taken Christ out, we have also taken any sense of grace and understanding out of the disciplinary systems.

Take for immediate example the young man who did something spectacular to ask his date to the Prom. He did not intend to cause damage to the property, break in, or be destructive. Nothing that he did caused permanent damage or destroyed any property, and I am sure, that being the fine young man we saw on the news reports, that he was more than ready to dismantle the Prom proposal.

But, because, a law is a law, and he broke the rule: “NO PROM FOR YOU!”

Even after a heartfelt apology, an acknowledgment of wrongdoing, he still was not able to attend the Prom. A rule is a rule.

It wasn’t until the world got involved, and put pressure on the headmaster to finally allow some grace and allow him to attend the Prom, was he able to go. Does the world actually have more of God’s grace than we as individuals?

The world saw through the “rules” to the intent of the action. They deemed that the intent was not worth the punishment. How strange, maybe there are more Christians in this world that originally thought? Or maybe the world is beginning to understand grace.

Another student was suspended from school because she pulled out a camera phone to take a picture of an essay she had written on her state test. Yes, she should have been suspended because a camera was not allowed in the testing area. It could be seen as an attempt to cheat and therefore cause the results of the testing to be in question. She was suspended from school and because of the suspension, she was unable to go on a class trip to another state.

When asked why she did this, her reply was that she was so proud of her response to the essay question and the formulation of the response, that she took a picture of it to email it to her mom. It was a moment of not thinking about the consequences. They even checked her phone and yes, she had emailed it to her mother.

Absolutely no grace was given to this young lady. She was suspended from school and was unable to go on her school trip. Forget the intent. She broke the rule. The rule is the rule.

What have we come to America? Where is the grace? Where is the love?

By the way – that test was a state test. It had no reflection upon her grade or her future. She will be leaving that school at the end of the year, so any monies that will be coming in to that school, she will not benefit from.